Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8, Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester 1 Beserta Jawaban Tahun 2022

Contoh soal UAS bahasa inggris kelas 8, contoh soal PAS bahasa inggris kelas 8 semester 1 beserta jawaban tahun 2022 - Assalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh teman - teman semua. Balik lagi bersama gua disini,,, di mana lagi kalau bukan di

Pada artikel kali ini, gua akan membagikan Contoh soal UAS bahasa inggris kelas 8, contoh soal PAS bahasa inggris kelas 8 semester 1 beserta jawaban tahun 2022, Contoh soal UAS bahasa inggris kelas 8, contoh soal PAS bahasa inggris kelas 8 semester 1 dibawah ini diharapkan dapat menjadi salah satu referensi untuk bahan belajar teman-teman pelajar, sehingga teman-teman dapat mempersiapkan diri dalam menghadapi PAS atau UAS. Tanpa basa basi lagi ini dia contoh – contoh latihan soal nya …

1. Lukita : “Did you know? Yunita got 10 for his English.”
Dzikrina : “Wow! .....”
A. How intelligent
B. I’m sorry to hear that
C. How are you
D. Yes, he is
Jawaban: A

2. Iwan is ..... soundly in his bedroom.
A. Sitting      C. Sleeping
B. Reading    D. Working
Jawaban: C

3. Father is hospitalized because he ..... an accident on his way to office yesterday.
A. Met        C. Put
B. Send      D. Got
Jawaban: D

4. Mr. Wahmin: Students, pay attention please!
Students : Yes, sir.
The underlined sentence is the expression of asking for .....
A. Help          C. Permission
B. Attention   D. Opinion
Jawaban: B

5. The following expressions can be used to ask for attention, except .....
A. May I have your attention, please?
B. Are you listening to me?
C. Would you give me a hand please?
D. Would you look at the board, please?
Jawaban: C

6. Hilda : Citra, which dress do you think I should buy? The red one or the black one?
Citra : In my opinion, the red dress suits you better.
From the dialog, we know that Citra is expressing her .....
A. understanding   C. opinion
B. attention            D. appreciation
Jawaban: C

7. Tegar : What do you ..... about this painting?
Gilang : I think it's a great painting.
A. think       C. think of
B. like it      D. for
Jawaban: A

Quation no 8 - 10!
Berlian is an Indonesian. She is a student. She is 13 years old. Her birthday is august 7th. She lives at Jl.Pramuka No.10. She is a dilligent student. She likes sport. Her hobby is swimming and reading. She has long hair. She is a beautiful girl.

8. How old is Berlian ?
A. twelve years old
B. thirteen years old
C. fourteen years old
D. fifteen years old
Jawaban: B

9. When was Berlian born?
A. in 2007      C. in 2004
B. in 2006      D. in 2005
Jawaban: A

10. Where does she live?
A. Jl. Merdeka no.10
B. Jl. Merdeka no.9
C. Jl. Pramuka no.10
D. Jl. Pramuka no.11
Jawaban: C

11. The ..... delivers the letter.
A. newspaper boy
B. costumer
C. postman
D. policeman
Jawaban: C

12. She ..... the floor five minutes ago.
A. sweep
B. swept
C. sweeping
D. sweeps
Jawaban: B

13. A : You had read the novel. Do you understand story?
B : Yes I do. The story exciting.
The underlined sentence expresses .....
A. Getting attention
B. Asking opinion
C. Showing appreciation
D. Checking someone’s understanding
Jawaban: D

14. How much _________ do you need?
A. Money       C. Sugar
B. Book          D. Pencil
Jawaban: C

15. Nuril : Do you think that Math is a difficult lesson?
Fahril : I don't think so. I think if we learn seriously, there is no difficult lesson including Math.
According to the dialogue, which one is the expression of asking for opinion?
A. Do you think that Math is a difficult lesson?
B. I don't think so.
C. I think if we learn seriously
D. there is no difficult lesson including Math
Jawaban: A

16. Which of the following adjectives cannot be used to express compliment?
A. Awesome!      C. Cool!
B. Awfull!           D. Lovely!
Jawaban: B

17. A ..... sells meat.
A. farmer         C. carpenter
B. gardener      D. butcher
Jawaban: D

18. She went to the ..... to pay the bill.
A. policeman    C. teacher
B. cashier          D. secretary
Jawaban: B

19. Watch The Following Pictures!
Look! The cat is .....… fish because the cat is hungry!
A. sleeping      C. walking
B. eating          D. fishing
Jawaban: B

20. Mr. Ahmad is a civil servant. He ..... at a government office
A. worked      C. works
B. working     D. work
Jawaban: C

21. Watch The Following Pictures!
Danil : What are they doing in the field?
Ikhsan : They are ..... football there
A. cooking      C. drinking
B. painting      D. playing
Jawaban: D

Quation no 22 to 23!
22. The mouse is the ..... among the animals
A. smallest      C. as small as
B. smaller        D. small
Jawaban: A

23. The elephant is the ..... among all of them
A. small          C. biggest
B. as big as     D. bigger
Jawaban: C

24. tell (1) - about (2) - she (3) - the news (4) - me (5) - doesn`t (6)
A. 2-3-1-4-5-6
B. 3-6-1-5-2-4
C. 3-6-1-4-2-5
D. 5-1-4-2-6-3
Jawaban: B

25. Agung : What's your opinions of the disasters that keep happening in our country?
Ayub : .....
A. That's very good
B. Well I must say that I feel so sad
C. I hope it is always like that
D. I think I have a headache
Jawaban: B

26. Bentuk kalimat yang digunakan untuk menyatakan pekerjaan yang biasa dilakukan (rutinitas) adalah .....
A. Simple present tense
B. present continues tense
C. past tense
D. past continues tense
Jawaban: A

27. "Excellent, your painting is awesome. You deserve to win."
What is the purpose of the expression?
A. To ask opinion
B. To get attention
C. To show appreciation
D. To give an opinion
Jawaban: C

28. I think anisa is an irresponsible woman. She doesn not care about ..... Family
A. Her      C. She
B. His       D. Him
Jawaban: A

29. Which expression is used to get attention?
A. Do you know what I am saying?
B. Excuse me, may I talk to you?
C. Oh my god, I think you are annoying.
D. With me so far?
Jawaban: B

30. "what do you feel about this room?"
What is the purpose of the expression?
A. To get attention
B. To ask opinion
C. To give opinion
D. To show appreciation
Jawaban: B

31. Which sentence is correct?
A. Do you ready to lose?
B. Does anita call you?
C. We does not use our phone
D. She do not care about him
Jawaban: B

32. Monkey is not ..... ugly animal.
A. An      C. It
B. A        D. Its
Jawaban: A

33. Interesting. Translite to Indonesia ….
A. Bosan        C. Menarik
B. Tertarik      D. Membosankan
Jawaban: C

34. Prepare. Translite to Indonesia ….
A. Melihat         C. Menyiapkan
B. Mengulang    D. Membosankan
Jawaban: C

35. Aku fikir, kelelawar adalah seekor hewan yang menarik.
Translite to English .....
A. I think, bat is an animal interesting
B. I think, bat is a interesting animal
C. I think, bat is a animal interesting
D. I think, bat is an interesting animal.
Jawaban: D

36. Your ugly boyfriend ..... not care about you.
A. Do         C. Is
B. Does      D. Are
Jawaban: B

37. Genta is ..... handsome guy.
A. A        C. Him
B. An      D. His
Jawaban: A

38. Alfikar : .....
Annisa : I think that book is not interesting. It is really boring.
What is the suitable expression?
A. What do you think about this book?
B. Are you with me?
C. What do you feel about this classroom?
D. Do you understand what i mean?
Jawaban: A

39. Repeat ……
A. Mengulang     C. Menyiapkan
B. Kotor              D. Peduli
Jawaban: A

40. "do you understand what I am talking about?"
What expression is it?
A. Asking for an attention
B. Asking for an opinion
C. Checking understanding
D. Showing appreciation
Jawaban: C

Itu dia tadi Contoh soal UAS bahasa inggris kelas 8, contoh soal PAS bahasa inggris kelas 8 semester 1 beserta jawaban tahun 2022. Disclaimer : Contoh soal UAS bahasa inggris kelas 8, contoh soal PAS bahasa inggris kelas 8 semester 1 yang ada di artikel ini hanya sebagai contoh latihan soal yang juga hanya sebagai salah satu tambahan referensi untuk bahan belajar saja, dan tidak menjamin jawaban yang ada 100% benar, serta tidak mutlak menjamin relevan dengan materi yang sudah diajarkan di kelas. Cukup sekian untuk artikel kali ini, terimakasih …

Sampai jumpa lagi, Wassalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
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